The Self-Healing Puzzle

If you had three identical wheels and a fourth one that was smaller than the others would you mount all four on your vehicle? Seems like a ridiculous idea doesn't it? Would you be surprised to learn that your body faces similar issues from time to time and has to decide between the equivalent of mounting four different sizes of tires and risk getting into an accident or to abandon the vehicle altogether. In other words, the body will attempt to create a disease and operate sub-optimally rather than shut the body down.

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The Heart is a Beacon of Hope

In this segment, we discuss how the quality of heart’s magnetic field is connected to your emotions and how you can influence your own capacity to manage stress (resilience). The first and last five minutes are spent in coherence-building techniques that helps build resilience.  Feel free to comment on this video and check out our website

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Fostering Nurturing Relationships

Join Our Weekly Broadcast - Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot

In this segment, we discuss how you can engage in difficult conversations and move the conversation forward in a constructive manner. We discuss how our our bias and filters can get us into trouble and how to avoid such an instance. Join Shamir live each Monday at 9 AM (MDT). For more information go to