Build Your Resilience (with Czech Translation)

Featuring Shamir Ladhani and Dr. Amber “Mele’ha” Wolf, this webinar explores how emotions affect our biology and each other.  Shamir leads participants through a HeartMath technique and Mele’ha channels the Star Mothers.  Webinar was delivered in English with Czech translation by Marie Kucharova.

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Your Heart can Transform Chaos

Discover how your heart is more than just a pump. By applying coherent building techniques, your heart’s magnetic field can transform chaos and facilitate improved health , enhanced intelligence and improved outlook on life.  In this video,  Shamir also guides you through two five-minute coherent building techniques that facilitate heart-mind connection.  Join Shamir each Monday for Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot at Copyright 2019 Panther Power Corporation

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The Heart is a Beacon of Hope

In this segment, we discuss how the quality of heart’s magnetic field is connected to your emotions and how you can influence your own capacity to manage stress (resilience). The first and last five minutes are spent in coherence-building techniques that helps build resilience.  Feel free to comment on this video and check out our website

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Fostering Nurturing Relationships

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In this segment, we discuss how you can engage in difficult conversations and move the conversation forward in a constructive manner. We discuss how our our bias and filters can get us into trouble and how to avoid such an instance. Join Shamir live each Monday at 9 AM (MDT). For more information go to

You May Not Be Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

If you were asked “what would you do if you weren’t doing what you are doing now?” , what would be your immediate unfiltered response? In this segment (an extract of the weekly online group coaching program) we explore how your response gives you powerful insights into the life you live now and the gap between it and the life you are meant to live.

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Summoning the Courage to Engage the Battle Within

Two children playing in a field come across a grass snake. One child screams and runs away while the other remains calm and expresses appreciation for having witnessed it. Both children saw the same snake and yet both behaved quite differently. The composed child may not understand why his friend seemingly over-reacted in a non-threatening environment.  

Have you witnessed someone over-reacting in a situation in which you would have otherwise responded calmly? The individual exhibiting uncontrolled emotions such as anger or frustration is likely experiencing chronic stress conditions. In extreme cases, these individuals are unable to form meaningful and nurturing relationships with friends and family due to their temperament. Over time they become isolated from others thereby solidifying their bitterness, and the cycle continues.

The good news is that individuals who experience symptoms of chronic stress can improve emotional regulation by using some simple yet powerful approaches. In many
cases, practicing these approaches result in permanent improvements. 

 Read more about this topic and where you can access free resources to help improve emotional regulation in this article written by Shamir Ladhani and featured in the Canadian Military Veteran’s newsletter: Summoning Courage to Engage the Battle Within

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Creating a Path to Enlightenment through Humility or by Claiming Divinity?

When we humble ourselves , we project a feeling of lack and of unworthiness.   Many mystics consider us as Divine Beings having a human experience.  These two thought processes – at first glance – seem to contradict; after all, how can we be less than another while embodying Divinity? This short video is an excerpt from the weekly broadcast of Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot

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When Comforting Others – There is Only One Rule

Sarah’s husband was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease.  They had been together for over half a century and now she is facing the prospect of life without his physical presence.   Individuals have tried to comfort her with statements like “at least you have had a good life together” , “Trust God – He will guide you through this”, or my favourite “We grow closer to God through Suffering”.  These are all comments from well meaning individuals and completely unhelpful to individuals like Sarah.  She doesn’t need to hear comments that imply she needs to “just let go”.  She needs to process her emotions and feel heard.  When comforting others like Sarah, there is only one rule:  help her feel joy as she expresses her emotions.

How You Shop Says A Lot About You

When shopping, do you buy on pain points or on inspiration? For example, if you see a sign “12 Hour Sale” – and you respond to it by making a purchase, you are responding to the “I am going to miss out on a sale” pain point.  Marketers have seen a lot of success in forcing the consumer to make decisions by pressuring them.  Another example is when a vendor states “Limited Supply”.  This is geared to force you to make a buying decision under pressure.   If you really want to understand the depth of impact of pressure sales techniques, all you need to do is look at some online videos of the mayhem caused by the Black Friday phenomenon in the United States.