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Spark Level Membership – Free to Join

Spark members have access to weekly live online group coaching program Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot and latest replay until Thursday each week.  See below resources available as part of Spark membership.

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Shine Level Membership – $15 / Month (Cancel Anytime)

Shine members enjoy all Spark level benefits with unlimited access to all Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot replays plus Vision Board Affirmation Series Videos.   See below for additional resources available as part of Shine membership.

Overcoming Self-Blame, Guilt and Shame

Sometimes we blame ourselves for an unwanted outcome even though there may be others involved who may have contributed to ...
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Leggo my Ego

What does it take to overcome limiting beliefs? In this segment, Shamir uses the metaphor of Leggo bricks to help ...
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The Enlightened Masculine

Have you attended a recent spiritual / new age workshop? If so, you may have noticed that these workshops draw ...
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Vision Board Affirmation Video Series

Starting March 2019, all Shine level and above members will have unlimited access to short affirmation videos featuring guided meditations to help them actualize their desires and goals.

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Ignite Level Membership – $25 / Month (Cancel Anytime)

Ignite members enjoy all Shine level benefits plus access to monthly live webinars and unlimited access to replays.   See below additional resources available as part of Ignite membership.

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