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  • Reset to a New Normal
    How can you tell you are stressed? In this segment, Shamir shows the participants how to quickly determine their level of stress and how to reset their levels to a new normal. […]
  • Balance and Global Consciousness with Czech Translation
    This live broadcast was delivered in English with Czech translation on August 3, 2020. In this webinar, Shamir discusses how to manage self-balance within the context of human consciousness. […]
  • The Fourth Evolution: The Rise of Human Consciousness (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir discusses the Fourth Evolution - The Rise of Human Consciousness. After discussing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on humanity, he takes participants through a powerful guided meditation to help unleash inner joy and energetically expand this beyond Italy. […]
  • Tune Into Your Body (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir takes participating Italians through a guided meditation to help them overcome the anxiety and fear as due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown to limit transmission. Shamir discusses the importance of tackling the fears and anxiety head-on with the power of the heart. […]
  • Can You Spot the Victim Within?
    Sometimes our words provide clues to our state of mind. In this segment, Shamir explains how he was able to help someone who had a victim mindset but was not consciously aware of this. By becoming more self-aware of your mindset, you can ask the right questions to overcome self-sabotaging belief systems. Listen to this broadcast to explore the power of self-awareness. Recorded live in the Riviera Maya. […]


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  • Reset to a New Normal
    How can you tell you are stressed? In this segment, Shamir shows the participants how to quickly determine their level of stress and how to reset their levels to a new normal. […]
  • Daring Decisions: Courage or Cowardice?
    Sometimes we are faced with decisions that may have a lasting impact on the rest of our lives and possibly the lives of our loved ones. When we make bold or daring decisions, others may view it as courageous. In this segment, Shamir explores situations where daring decisions reflect cowardice than courage. […]
  • Healing from the Family you didn’t Choose
    Some of us are still experiencing childhood trauma. Even if you choose to physically distance yourself from your blood relatives, the multi-dimensional property of your DNA will bind you to them. In this segment, Shamir discusses how to heal at the celluar level so you can clear the trauma's emotional field. […]
  • Sensing Your Energy Field (An Emotional Intelligence Hack)
    The most important aspect of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. In this segment, Shamir discusses how each of us broadcasts emotions on the heart-generated magnetic field which surrounds us with a diameter of up to 7 feet. Each of us can sense this magnetic field and become more self-aware of not only our emotions but of others. […]
  • Separation and Restoring Connection
    There is a difference between the feelings you experience when having a heated debate with another, and one you experience when being irritated by an exchange. In both cases one experiences a 'separation from source' to a particular degree. As humans living in duality (spirit and matter) we are by definition separated from source energy; the latter being unconditional love. On the path of discovering our divine magnificence, we will experience a range of emotions which correlate to the degree of separation we feel. For example, when we are holding a cooing baby, we feel elated , joyous and peaceful - this is perhaps the closest we come to experiencing source energy; in other words, experiencing less separation. When we ruminate over past unwanted experiences, we experience more separation from source because we are farther away from the feeling of unconditional love, the latter being pure source energy. […]


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