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December Advance Series Webinar Replay

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You are a powerful co-creator with the ability to self-balance at any time, regardless of what’s happening in your life.  Hay House Author Lee Carroll and Archivist Monika Muranyi host this special presentation featuring Shamir Ladhani. 

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Espresso Shot Replays

The Balanced Heartbeat

Applying simple breathing techniques will balance your biological system by setting the heart's rhythm to maintain a level of coherence ...
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The Awakened Wounded Masculine

One of the areas that most men struggle is one of connecting deeply with others. In this segment Shamir discusses ...
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The Science of Healing the Past: The Quantum Eraser Effect

Quantum physics experiments have demonstrated that the mere act of observing an experiment changes the outcome at a quantum level ...
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Advance Class Series Replays

2021 Energies - Heart Balance - Grounding Meditation

The Great Re-Balance

Advance Class Series Click on the image below to access the ...
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Optimal Performance Under Pressure

Advance Class Series Click on the image below to access the ...
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Self-Transformation: Lessons in Overcoming Fear and Following Your Heart’s Purpose

Advance Class Series Click on the image below to access the ...
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Affirmation Videos

Unleash Your Inner Child: Affirmation Video

Unleash Your Inner Child Affirmation Dive deep into your inner self and play with your inner child. This webinar is ...
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My Mystical Journey Vision Board and Affirmation Video

My Mystical JourneyPlay this before you go to sleep for 21 Days or more.  You will receive clearer insights and ...
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Self Love: Vision Board-Affirmation Video

Self Love AffirmationAt the root of all our emotional turmoil is our lack of self-worth.  Play this before you go ...
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Here are Some More Amazing Resources…. 

  • Balance and Global Consciousness with Czech Translation
    This live broadcast was delivered in English with Czech translation on August 3, 2020. In this webinar, Shamir discusses how to manage self-balance within the context of human consciousness. […]
  • The Fourth Evolution: The Rise of Human Consciousness (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir discusses the Fourth Evolution - The Rise of Human Consciousness. After discussing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on humanity, he takes participants through a powerful guided meditation to help unleash inner joy and energetically expand this beyond Italy. […]
  • Tune Into Your Body (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir takes participating Italians through a guided meditation to help them overcome the anxiety and fear as due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown to limit transmission. Shamir discusses the importance of tackling the fears and anxiety head-on with the power of the heart. […]
  • Build Your Resilience (with Czech Translation)
    Featuring Shamir Ladhani and Dr. Amber "Mele'ha" Wolf, this webinar explores how emotions affect our biology and each other.  Shamir leads participants through a HeartMath technique and Mele'ha channels the Star Mothers. […]
  • Your Heart can Transform Chaos
    Discover how your heart is more than just a pump. By applying coherent building techniques, your heart's magnetic field can transform chaos and facilitate improved health , enhanced intelligence and improved outlook on life. Join Shamir each Monday for Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot at Copyright 2019 Panther Power Corporation […]

Bonus Webinar Replays