Ignite from Inside Out

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Deepen Your Connection With Others

Create Powerful Breakthroughs and become more Influential with others

Create Capacity to Do More

Enjoy having more energy at the end of the day to spend with loved ones

Experience Freedom & Joy

Allow life to flow more easily and navigate obstacles effortlessly and with ease

Maintain Composure Under Pressure

Handle difficult situations in a calm, collected and intelligent manner

Exclusive Membeship to Some of the Most Powerful Resources Available

My story

Transformational Coach , International Speaker, Business Coach, Certified HeartMath Trainer & Coach

I grew up thinking everyone was more important than I.  I would do my utmost to please others to gain their acceptance.  I worked hard at pleasing others – perhaps that is why I was able to climb the corporate ladder so quickly.  I remember sitting at my desk one day and looking at the title on my business card – “Vice-President”.  I had more money in
the bank than I ever had in my entire life; and yet, I was not satisfied with my life. 

I left the corporate world to seek joy.  I traveled extensively to discover peace and calm.  I finally found it and it was within me all along.   I created this space to support others like me on this journey we call Life.

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