Advance Class Series

Making Law of Attraction Work: Your Complete Guide in 3 Parts

Why is this workshop different from the rest?

Shamir Ladhani teaches some of the most powerful and effective techniques that help individuals co-create their reality. He pieced together a practical approach to navigate the governing laws of co-creation based on his own experience; he set his sights on becoming an international speaker sharing the stage with other metaphysical speakers. He realized this dream in less than two years.

Shamir was unknown in the metaphysical speaking circuit in 2015. It took him only two years to realize his dream of becoming a highly-sought international self-help speaker . He has shared the stage with Hay House author Lee Carroll, NY Times Best-Selling author Gregg Braden, international authors Dr. Amber Wolf and Monika Muranyi. Shamir received a special citation in Monika Muranyi’s international publication ‘The Women of Lemuria’ in a chapter co-authored by Dr. Amber Wolf.

In this three-part program, Shamir carefully steps the participant through an approach that will alter the trajectory of current reality to a more desired reality

Part 1: Infinite Possibilities

In this first of three parts, Shamir explores how our entrenched belief systems work for or against our ability to be a habitual  conscious co-creator of our destinies.  He uses science and logic to help participants come to terms with an abundance mindset perspective; it is this mindset that will create the foundation for achieving your loftiest desires.

Part 2: Governing Laws and Principles

In Part 2, Shamir discusses the three Laws and two Principles that govern our ability to become a co-creator of our own reality.

Part 3: Becoming a Habitual Co-Creator

In this final part of a three-part series, Shamir discusses how our mindset can be forged and our bodies programmed for conscious creation habitually.  Included are two powerful practices Рone that helps individuals find quick breakthroughs on areas where they are stuck and the other creates a field of creation generated by the multi-dimensional properties of the heart.