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Shamir S. Ladhani, International Speaker and Transformational Coach

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Here you will discover evidence-based techniques and proven approaches that have helped thousands of people to overcome anxiety, become more proficient at maintaining calm under pressure and enhance their ability to develop positive nurturing relationships.  Select the level that best suits your needs and join the journey from Spark to Ignite!  Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions by clicking here: E-mail Shamir

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Tune Yourself
to Thrive !

Spark Level Membership is for you if you are new to HeartMath and Emotional Intelligence based approaches for self-regulation.

Spark Level Membership Provides You Access To:

  • Your Monday Morning Espresso Shot – weekly live online coaching sessions. 
  • Access to latest session replay until Thursday each week.
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Shine Level Membership gives you all Spark Level benefits plus unlimited and on-demand access to over 100+ short videos (and growing each week!) so you can create a daily practice for building resilience 

Shine Level Membership Provides You Access to:

  • Spark Level Membership Benefits  plus unlimited members only access to:
  • All Espresso Shot replays (Over 100 Inspiring video replays and growing each week)
  • Vision Board and Affirmation Video Series for anchoring your goals and desires
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Set Your Path
on Fire !

Ignite Level Membership gives you all Shine Level benefits plus unlimited/on-demand access to Pre-recorded workshops and workshop series as well as live online webinars to help Supercharge your life.

Ignite Level Membership Provides You Exclusive Access to:

  • Shine Level Membership Benefits  plus unlimited members only access to:
  • Re-Boot Your Life™ Resilience Building program replays 
  • Full complimentary access to monthly live deep-dive webinars per year and replays
  • Cancel or upgrade anytime (effective next billing period)

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