Welcome to Your 21-Day Re-Boot Program

This program was designed to take the participant through a 21-Day experience.  To get the most out of this program, follow the following approach as best as you can:

  1. Download Session 1 File and keep it handy for listening to the Session 1 replay
  2. Listen to the Session 1 replay and fill out the workbook as directed
  3. For the next 7 days or so, practice the exercises provided before listening to the next replay (Session 2).
  4. Repeat the same for Sessions 2 – 4.
Be sure to participate in the discussions on the private Facebook group page for participants of this program (see below to request participation)

** Important – Click on the bottom right hand of each video below to expand it to full screen

Session 1: Chart Your Course

Session 2: Building Resilience

Session 3: Get Past Your Fears

Session 4: Apply Personal Power