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The Nuclear Force Within Us

We are made up of atoms and each atom has a nucleus with protons and neutrons. There is an immense ...
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Building Resilience: Emotions vs. Thoughts

Evidence points to an interesting fact about human biology. We feel before the brain can make sense of the feeling ...
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Dissolving Unwanted Thoughts Permanently

In this episode, Shamir provides insights from his own experience in overcoming and dissolving unwanted thoughts. The key is to ...
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Vision Board and Affirmation Videos Series

Unleash Your Inner Child: Affirmation Video

Unleash Your Inner Child Affirmation Dive deep into your inner self and play with your inner child. This webinar is ...
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My Mystical Journey Vision Board and Affirmation Video

My Mystical JourneyPlay this before you go to sleep for 21 Days or more.  You will receive clearer insights and ...
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Self Love: Vision Board-Affirmation Video

Self Love AffirmationAt the root of all our emotional turmoil is our lack of self-worth.  Play this before you go ...
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Here are Some More Amazing Resources...

  • Vaccinations: Yes or No? The Answer is Within
    There is much debate on vaccinations and the views are sometimes highly emotionally charged. Depleting emotions such as anger, frustration, panic and grief dampen one's ability to maintain composure and make intelligent decisions. In this special presentation, Shamir discusses how the quality of our relationship with the virus and the vaccine coupled with our body's resilience establishes the basis of our decision to vaccinate or not. There are two guided practices to help us access our heart's wisdom to guide our decision on this very important matter. […]
  • Balance and Global Consciousness with Czech Translation
    This live broadcast was delivered in English with Czech translation on August 3, 2020. In this webinar, Shamir discusses how to manage self-balance within the context of human consciousness. […]
  • The Fourth Evolution: The Rise of Human Consciousness (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir discusses the Fourth Evolution - The Rise of Human Consciousness. After discussing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on humanity, he takes participants through a powerful guided meditation to help unleash inner joy and energetically expand this beyond Italy. […]
  • Tune Into Your Body (with Italian Translation)
    In this webinar, Shamir takes participating Italians through a guided meditation to help them overcome the anxiety and fear as due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown to limit transmission. Shamir discusses the importance of tackling the fears and anxiety head-on with the power of the heart. […]
  • Build Your Resilience (with Czech Translation)
    Featuring Shamir Ladhani and Dr. Amber "Mele'ha" Wolf, this webinar explores how emotions affect our biology and each other.  Shamir leads participants through a HeartMath technique and Mele'ha channels the Star Mothers. […]

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Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs: A Four-Part Series

Advance Class Series Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs: A Four-Part Series ...
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Reach for the Stars: Setting Worthy Goals, Wants and Desires

Advance Class Series Reach for the Stars: Setting Worthy Goals, Wants ...
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Overcome Procrastination

Advance Class Series Overcome Procrastination: A Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals ...
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