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The State of Human Consciousness

Major shifts in human consciousness have occurred when a small group of individuals become inspired to speak their truth respectfully ...
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Tapping the Power of the Mind

In the 1960s a Wayne State University professor investigated the power of visualization using basketball players' free throw stats. The ...
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Being Right vs. Being Kind

If you've ever witnessed two people arguing about a particular topic with each individual claiming to have the truth on ...
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The Nuclear Force Within Us

We are made up of atoms and each atom has a nucleus with protons and neutrons. There is an immense ...
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Building Resilience: Emotions vs. Thoughts

Evidence points to an interesting fact about human biology. We feel before the brain can make sense of the feeling ...
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Dissolving Unwanted Thoughts Permanently

In this episode, Shamir provides insights from his own experience in overcoming and dissolving unwanted thoughts. The key is to ...
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Vision Board and Affirmation Video Series

Unleash Your Inner Child: Affirmation Video

Unleash Your Inner Child Affirmation Dive deep into your inner self and play with your inner child. This webinar is ...
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My Mystical Journey Vision Board and Affirmation Video

My Mystical JourneyPlay this before you go to sleep for 21 Days or more.  You will receive clearer insights and ...
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Self Love: Vision Board-Affirmation Video

Self Love AffirmationAt the root of all our emotional turmoil is our lack of self-worth.  Play this before you go ...
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Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs: A Four-Part Series

Advance Class Series Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs: A Four-Part Series ...
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Reach for the Stars: Setting Worthy Goals, Wants and Desires

Advance Class Series Reach for the Stars: Setting Worthy Goals, Wants ...
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Overcome Procrastination

Advance Class Series Overcome Procrastination: A Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals ...
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