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Step Out of Your Own Way: Personal Coaching with Shamir

Schedule Your 45 minute complimentary session with Shamir (first time clients only) – a $200 USD Value

Shamir can help you uncover your limiting conditions, identify your blind spots and coach you to level-up your personal and professional relationships, career, health and life purpose. He will help you Step Out of Your Own Way towards achieving your highest desires.

Monday Group Practice Open to All

Join Shamir live each week  to practice HeartMath techniques and discuss a different topic each week.  Join Spark membership for free by clicking on the button below.  


Lee Carroll, Ph.D Hay House Author 

it takes master teachers who truly understand how we think and work with our emotions to help us work through these changes. ..For many years, we have presented with a very wise, heartfelt life-coach and counselor: Shamir Ladhani. His teachings and expertise help those in need of processes and new concepts to help build solutions to overcoming anxiety, fear and loss in these unprecedented times.

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf, Author 

He (Shamir) led me through a deep and moving exercise that brought peace to my heart and a feeling of trusting the process that was now unfolding….. a download of information came to create the Worldwide Sisterhood.. 

Extract from page 248,  The Women of Lemuria , Monika Muranyi and Dr. Amber Wolf

Free Download: Guided Meditation

This meditation was recorded during a live broadcast of a Kryon Stay-at-Home event.  The full session is provided as a replay for the online IGNITE member community.  Access all replays and upcoming live monthly online deep-dive sessions with Shamir by joining IGNITE membership (check out our free membership option as well)

Spiritual Journeys: Starter Pack 

Curated short videos to help you on your spiritual , self-transformation journey.  Free to enroll.

Lemurian Sacred Sexuality for Women

Workshop facilitated by Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf with guest speaker Shamir Ladhani.

Come away from these seminars with a new appreciation for your sexuality and spirituality; they are one and the same! Uncover and discover the truth beneath the layers of old programming and rise like a phoenix to celebrate your gender and your spiritual sexuality, powered by the Star Mother’s spirit of kundalini!