The Nuclear Force Within Us

We are made up of atoms and each atom has a nucleus with protons and neutrons. There is an immense amount of force that is required to hold the protons together within each nucleus. In this segment, Shamir provides a perspective on tapping into the nuclear forces within and unleashing our inner power through guided practice.

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Making Fear Based vs. Inspirational Based Decisions

In this segment, Shamir discusses a personal experience where he made a fear-based decision resulting in him quitting his high-profile job. He shares some insights on how to distinguish between fear-based and inspirational-based decisions

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The Biology of Connectedness

Most living organisms share a lot more biological traits with each other and humans than one would imagine. In this segment, Shamir discusses how humans and fruit files share 99% of the same genetic material.

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New Aches and Pains? Think Again!

Are your ‘new’ aches and pains truly new? or have you ignored the chronic pain until you became used to it? In this segment, Shamir discusses how his trip to the physiotherapist revealed something about his self-awareness and how he could have avoided over-extending himself by simply paying attention to his body’s signals.

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Taming Your Naysayer Thoughts

In this segment, Shamir discusses how ‘naysayer’ thoughts tend to stop us from achieving our dreams. He discusses how to recognize and interrupt these thoughts so you can in time dampen their effects. 

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Love: The Language of Healing

You may have heard the phrase “love yourself” or “love others” when it comes to healing or praying for others. In this segment, Shamir discusses how he was able to overcome muscular aches and pains from a rigorous workout by sending love to parts of his body which resulted in instant relief.

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Inspiration: A Co-Creative Energy

The power of inspiring and being inspired is explored in the context of our ability to generate creative energy and launch us towards a trajectory of manifesting an entirely new reality – a more desirable reality.

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Feelings are not Emotions and Why that Matters

There is a distinct difference between feelings and emotions. In this segment, Shamir discusses feelings vs. emotions and how they are related but distinct. By becoming more aware of the biology behind feelings, one can improve how one reacts to adverse situations and maintain calm and poise.

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Oh, good morning everyone. Thank you so much for joining me. Just wanting to jump in right now. And before we begin, I wanted to wish you all. Happy holidays. Happy New Year, looking forward to 2022 and looking forward to continuing this connection with you. So let us begin as we always do by taking our awareness in the area of the heart.


Area of the heart is the center of our galaxy in our biology. And this is where we begin to place our awareness there. And then begin to take slow deep breaths and just experience these breaths flowing in and out of our hearts. Slow deep, gentle breaths and imagine or feel or visualize breads that are flowing into the center of your Galaxy into your heart as you take on Mindy and then as you breathe them out, there is no need to stop at the top or the bottom or hold, your breath. Just allow these breads to flow very gently, with ease, to allow your entire body to oscillate in this.


When your awareness wanders away from your heart, just gently bring it back to the heart as you take these slow deep gentle breaths, experiencing them flowing in and out of your heart.


As you take these deep breaths.


In addition to imagining them flowing into your heart. Just take them a little further by imagining these flows going right to your perineum.


Right by your root chakra, and as you exhale, allow it to flow from that in your imagination and out. This will allow you to take deep breaths into your diaphragm, filling up your lungs and the bottom part of your lungs is where most of the oxygen is collected. So it’s wonderful benefit for Distributing this to the rest of yourselves.


Wonderful. I hope that was a great breathing experience. You can continue to breathe like that, of course, because we always breathe. There’s one more thing that we do, that’s normal and natural. And that’s the topic for today.


Today’s topic is feelings, are not emotions. They are interrelated, but we need to separate the two and it’s very important for us to separate the two because we need to understand where the natural biology comes in and where our judgment the emotion or the body that comes in from our mindset. And when we separate the two, it becomes an important distinction, so that we can navigate our life. So the first thing we know that we breathe naturally whether we are conscious about it or not. We’re breathing when we breathe consciously. We can actually affect our autonomic nervous system consciously just like we do we did in the past practice. We breathe, you know, with five seconds breathing in five seconds, breathing out and that balance is our autonomic nervous system. The next thing that we do is when we actually do not know that This is happening. We do not know that we are experiencing feelings. First. We are sensing our environment. And we actually begin to feel first before we think. Now this is this is a scientific proof or evidence that it’s been studied lot that we first sense. Our environment through feeling, give you an example


in a day like this in Calgary today. You can go outside and it’s cold, you know, it’s in the – deep freezes. It’s cold. Now called is a feeling. I felt cold where emotions come in is how I judge the environment. So, for example, if people who don’t like the cold will say, I feel cold. That’s the feeling. I really don’t like this, whether that’s an emotion. Okay, so the difference between feeling and emotions, feeling is just, you’re sensing the environment. This is You can sense the wisdom from


multi-dimensional Realms. You can sense these things. And sometimes when people sense these things they get scared, you know, we have all heard of empaths empaths who sense other people’s emotions. Those are the feelings that they get. But then once they give judgment around that saying, I feel lousy, I want to get away from here and I protect myself. I need to block myself. That’s actually a A an emotion. So, when we separate the two first for understanding purposes, but then we need to bring it both together for management purposes. So when we separate the two for understanding know, that the feeling is something that you are automatically able to do because it’s the first thing you do is you feel before you could even rationalize it when it gets to the brain. That says, okay. Let me put a put a label on that feeling. I feel anxious. All right, let’s put a label on that feeling then it’s about how do Feel about being anxious and my feeling courageous to break through that anxious, feeling, and my feeling scared, and I’m rui. Recoiling, and am I going to stop doing, whatever I’m doing? And not progress. In this particular area because I feel anxious, all of those things are emotions.


We work through emotions, in this particular program and one of the things that we will do in the next practice and we will continue to do this, is to actually bring that emotion to 24 and work through that emotion by bringing our our compassion and love and gratitude as another set of emotions to overwrite and and mute these, these feelings of The Unwanted emotions. So the feelings that we experience our Gifts of your own biology, that allows you to sense your external environment, and the feelings can also be multi-dimensional you Feel somebody else who’s in a different continent. If you’re truly connected with them, you can feel their pain. You can feel their Joy. It’s a matter of fact, I know that most of us have picked up the phone to call people, and they were just thinking about you. That’s the feeling the Judgment comes in, and how you feel about, you know, what the feeling that translates to you. And then when you judge it as something, that’s unwanted your body responds in that way. And you begin to excrete stress hormones. So, the key is, whenever you experience a feeling and you judge that feeling to go into the practice that we are about to go into by experiencing. Joy, and gratitude and the way to experience, joy and gratitude is to bring It Forward from a past, an imaginary situation, or a fantasizing, about a future thing that you anticipate will happen to you, or you wish for it to happen to you. Your body does not know the difference. It’s between an imaginary event or animal, which is caught up in your mind, or an event. That’s actually unfolding before you. So the best way to overcome unwanted emotions is to actually replace those emotions by choosing a different thought, different imaginary experience, or perhaps go out in nature and really experience nature and that way you will overcome that, right? So that is really the difference between Ween


feelings, and emotions. And if you keep that particular thing in mind, you will actually be able to work through the emotions and not have judgments that will cause you to have a bodily response. That’s unwanted because that’s how diseases are formed. All right. So let us begin to. Now, practice a way to restoring that composure restoring and overriding The Unwanted emotion, and that is by doing the same. I think we did before is placing our awareness in the area of the heart.


And we take slow deep symmetrical breaths.


This symmetrical breaths will help us balance our autonomic nervous system.


And as we experience these flowing in and out of our heart, very gently very Softly.


And perhaps it’s flowing into your perineum area, your root chakra, and then out from your root chakra out of your heart. Really take these deep gentle, slow breaths, make sure they’re not labor and now begin to experience a regenerative emotion.


So recall a past event or perhaps fantasize about a future event. That makes you feel gratitude and appreciation


and amplify that feeling by just asking your body. I want to feel a more elevated or Amplified version of this emotion.


When your mind wanders, or when your awareness shifts, just gently bring it back into your heart and begin to recall.


Past emotions that give rise to gratitude and appreciation.


Or perhaps put yourself in a place, that gives you great joy in your imagination.


The body will not know the difference. It will just produce chemicals and enzymes that will facilitate a more joyous existence.


And slowly open your eyes. If you had your eyes closed, bring your awareness back to this moment in your present body. Now, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing to breathe like this and continuing to feel appreciation. It’s a Wonderful way to Kickstart your 2022 because in this particular year, you want to kick. Start it by having nothing. But appreciation and gratitude what that’ll do to your biological.


Self is it’ll continue to reverse any stress responses in your body. It will also allow you to train your body to reduce the initial response, the intensity of the initial response to a stressful situation because once you train your body, your body takes over subconsciously and works on this. Your heart has its own Sensory neurons. It’s got its own brain. So as you train your body and when you place your awareness, It’s in the area of the heart. It trains. The neurons are are able to train themselves to respond in a certain way. It’s just that in the past. If you’ve had unwanted emotions that come up all of a sudden it’s because you train your body to do that. Alright. So with that having said, please do type York Reflections, your questions. Anything you have. I’m happy to chat


with you on that purpose for that and I see something coming. If you require me to support you, if you need some help support you to get out of your own way to help you bring in and do a wonderful 2022. Please do send me an email and we’ll set something up, right. So, let’s see what’s coming through the chat area. Let’s see if I can stop share here.


And they’re. All right. We have a couple of items coming through. Trisha feels great. Well, I’m glad you joined us. Happy New Year to you Tricia. Thank you, Michelle. The hearts neurons. Train themselves, phenomenal. She will thank you for sharing this fact. Actually, they don’t train themselves. You train them, but they are trainable their neural networks. They actually are pliable. You can train your brains brain, of course by, you know, we know It’s because we have gone through different stages of educational career. We’ve studied we’ve taken courses and when we’ve taken a course, our brain is now trained to respond to the the situation based on what your training is. So we know the brain can be trained and that’s how we have the high school system and the University Systems in the college systems, but your brain can all your brain in the Heart is also trainable and it’s a What kind of training because your heart is not a thinking part. It’s a feeling heart. And remember, we talked about the fact that it’s the, the feeling comes before, the thinking, and therefore the brain is your, like, your gate that allows you to experience your life. Your mind just judges what that feeling is, and if you don’t have a proper track, a proper experience, or a proper kind of processing, Matt, a way to in which, to take the feeling and create a Positive emotion out of that. Then you are going subconsciously reacting to that. So yes, your heart can be trained by consciously injecting positive emotions so that you can always experience the feelings and connect the feelings to a response which is not a negative judgment if that helps. All right, great, Tricia. Can you say more about emotions and Choice points? We should be able to see Yes, actually, one of the things that I do kind of work with people on is to have them become more patient as they are going through this process of being triggered, you know, we have been there done that when I was first starting out on this particular Journey trying to sense where I’m feeling. There’s a feeling that comes in and we begin to judge it as good or bad. If we judge it as bad there we may not realize that we’ve judged it as something negative. For example, we get frustrated because somebody behave in a certain way. So we experience the feeling of that and then we said that feeling is bad and we’ve judged it to be bad. And as soon as we judge it to be back our body kind of we feel it in certain parts of our body because it’s a physical response and and that judgment that comes in that. We say, we feeling it’s bad. Then Allah at that point in time after we’ve experienced that emotion and then we recall back and said, oh, you know what, I missed that point. Point where I could arrest that negative feeling or the negative emotion and I would rewrite that and that’s okay. When you go past that choice point and realize after that you should have done that in the past. It’s actually part of the training that we just talked about. Because what happens is your body is now being trained to watch out for these particular situations. So eventually that that choice point will start advancing so that you will Figure out wildest Things unfolding, it’ll eventually, just the body. Will wake you up and say, do you really want to do this? You have a choice point, you can shift out of this. And then if you become, if you practice more and more and more, what will end up happening is that, that choice point will be coming ahead of the event so that you will actually have an opportunity to arrest that negative emotion before it even starts taking hold in your body and you’ll be able to respond coherently. So really the train. In part. And the choice point is is an important factor, but don’t be discouraged and don’t lose patience. If you pass the point where you should have done something about it because it’s about training the neurons in your heart to connect with the neurons in your brain. Okay, that helps


Shelly. Thank you. I look forward to this every week blessings to you. And those who those you love in 2022, blessings to you to thank you. Happy New Year. Zachary to, you. My friend. Trisha such a Jim you shared in the response to my question. Thank you. All you’re most welcome. Well, thank you so much for joining me again. Today. I look forward to connecting with you next week. All right. We’ll talk to you soon. Thank you very much. Take care for now.

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The DNA Lighthouse

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