Deepen Your Intuition – Advance Class Series

In this advance class workshop, we discuss how to prime your body to deepen your intuition.  Examples of scientific studies revealing the multi-dimensional nature of our biology will be presented.  Participants will practice techniques and approaches proven to enhance intuitive capabilities.  Become an IGNITE level member to access this workshop live as well as replay.  Check out additional membership benefits at

The Nature of Intuition

Each one of us has intuitive capabilities. Some of us are able to amplify this innate gift better than others. In this segment we explore how to approach making decisions based on high vibration intuition and when to tell the difference between fear and the unknown; the latter is where you want to go in order to step into the next level of your journey.

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Activate Your Inner Truth Radar

Advance Class Series

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In this session, we discuss the scientific studies that demonstrate our ability to experience deeper intuition through building the heart-mind connection or coherence.  You will practice an advance HeartMath technique that will help you discover solutions to complex issues you face in your life.

Experience Reality Before Experiencing Reality

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The universe is designed to respond to your emotional state by bringing you more experiences to match your state.  Therefore, in order to feel happy, you must feel happy first.  This fine distinction is what stumps most individuals.  In this segment, Shamir discusses the nature of this phenomenon in this video segment.

Am I Destined to Suffer?

In this segment Shamir discusses his response to his friend who told him “I am meant to suffer in this lifetime”. Are we pre-destined to live out our current reality or do we truly have free will? Shamir discusses how he began to help his friend unpack this topic and come to grips with the purpose of our existence.

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