Summoning the Courage to Engage the Battle Within

Two children playing in a field come across a grass snake. One child screams and runs away while the other remains calm and expresses appreciation for having witnessed it. Both children saw the same snake and yet both behaved quite differently. The composed child may not understand why his friend seemingly over-reacted in a non-threatening environment.  

Have you witnessed someone over-reacting in a situation in which you would have otherwise responded calmly? The individual exhibiting uncontrolled emotions such as anger or frustration is likely experiencing chronic stress conditions. In extreme cases, these individuals are unable to form meaningful and nurturing relationships with friends and family due to their temperament. Over time they become isolated from others thereby solidifying their bitterness, and the cycle continues.

The good news is that individuals who experience symptoms of chronic stress can improve emotional regulation by using some simple yet powerful approaches. In many
cases, practicing these approaches result in permanent improvements. 

 Read more about this topic and where you can access free resources to help improve emotional regulation in this article written by Shamir Ladhani and featured in the Canadian Military Veteran’s newsletter: Summoning Courage to Engage the Battle Within

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