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Moses, according to the Old Testament, was asked remove his sandals when he experienced Divine or God’s Presence.  The notion of humbling oneself in order to progress spiritually has also been related by a 12th Century Pesian Poet Attar.  In his metaphorical story “Conference of the Birds”, he weaves a tale of birds on a spiritual journey only to find themselves locked out of the embrace of the Divine until they ‘humbled’ themselves.  Contrast these interpretations (and they are only interpretations) with mystics who have held to the notion that we are Divine beings having a human experience.  When we humble ourselves , we project a feeling of lack and of unworthiness.  When we claim our divinity, we become elevated in both thought and deeds.  How do we reconcile the two interpretations? Listen to this episode where Shamir provides a bridging of the two notions